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Michelangelo Balistreri
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Michelangelo Balistreri is a young Sicilian poet.
He was born in Aspra (situated in west Sicily, in the district of Palermo) on 26th October 1963.
Michelangelo is an author and composer. He has published two books: Un sonnu pittatu 'nta' l'acqua du mari (A dream painted in the water of the sea), and U me Paisi (My country), assigning the proceeds of the sale of these books to needy children. He has also participated in many poetry competitions, receiving numerous acknowledgments. In August 1999 his poem entitled "Prighiera" ( Prayer) was donated as a prayer to the Pope, and is used in order to help people who suffer.


"The Voice of My Land"


You who are far away

and don't know my land

and in its destiny

see only Mafia and war!


You've never seen the sun at dawn

when the sea awakens

and with its warmth, drys the sweat

of my laboring people.


You've never seen

the brilliance of the lights

in our hearts

when even the hurts

tired of calling for attention

turn into love.


Yes, you can tell me

because you write to me only of sweetness

without ever mentioning

all the Christs who have been crucified

and I answer you.


You've never heard

the voice of my land

and the poetry.

Those other things


neither to the people

nor to my land.


Copyright © Michelangelo Balistreri
Translated into English by Arthur Dieli, U.S.A

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