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Colette Ilima Baldwin
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Colette Baldwin says of herself:

"Writing has been my breath to living, my heartbeat of survival.
It was my only salvation from a tumultuous childhood and overcoming the woes of dyslexia.
I’ve considered myself different, extremely creative and visual. I see beauty all around me, the words form a lyrical rhythm that dance.
Born 1963, in California, married 18 years, two sons.
Recently migrated to the island of Kaua’i, home of my ancestors. This is my creative center where magic meets the divine and poetry happens."


"Home at Last"

Crystal blue water,

salt on my skin,

I taste heaven.


Washing all the hurt away,

I feel alive, fresh,

I swim as one.


Sunbeam rays lighting my heart,

soaking up spirit, radiating my soul.

I am reborn.


Sand, sky, white fluffy clouds,

I feel myself float on a

constant summer breeze.


My feet plant in sacred soil growing roots,

this is where my ancestors have walked before.

I am home at last. . . .


Colette Ilima Baldwin
Copyright © 2005

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